Agile Project Management Improves Offshore Software Development

A Software As A Service (under $10m revenue) company was in the midst of a software development cycle and had gotten bogged down with client priorities. The effort was taking longer and costing more than planned. Our AGILE Project Manager provided an outsider’s perspective to help them refocus and minimize their efforts to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that they have sold and put in the customer’s hands. Future added functionality can be developed based upon customer feedback with subsequent releases. 

The same company also needed to obtain a SOC 2 Type 2 Audit Opinion to comply with their client’s demands ensuring their sensitive information was secure. InterAcct provided a Project Manager to prepare them for the audit. They passed on their first attempt.

Fractional CFO For High Tech Firm Prepares Firm For Significant Investment

Several of our clients are run by founders with technological backgrounds. We provide them with Fractional CFOs to prepare them for things like financing rounds, getting used to dealing with their new outside investors and bringing sophisticated financial management expertise to facilitate and manage their rapid growth.

Not For Profit Cost Segregation Helps Investors Capture 100% Tax Credits

A Not For Profit organization is developing low/moderate cost housing. Interacct provided a consultant to conduct cost segregation studies to ensure that the investors in the housing developments are able to capture the maximum tax credit benefit for investing in those projects.

Requirements Definition And ERP Selection Helps Consulting Firm Prepare For Growth

A small consulting firm had outgrown QuickBooks. They needed a new ERP system fast and had limited resources to manage the effort. InterAcct was engaged to provide professional and technical guidance for a general ledger/ERP conversion. The team at InterAcct was exactly the right fit. We provided the technical and project management expertise within a budget friendly fee structure that would have been impossible with a larger consulting firm. 

SAAS Firm Prepares For a Transaction

A $30m Software As A Services company had been approached by several companies interested in acquiring them. InterAcct provided a financial professional to help the CFO prepare for the coming due diligence process by preparing accounting schedules and readying data for questions asked by potential suitors.